Prima Carbo Solutions

Prima Carbo is a company founded in 2019 that specializes in shungite-based innovations. Our diverse product range includes, among other things, heating elements as well as water and air purifiers.

For the better, brighter and cleaner tomorrow

These days people across the world are longing for innovations that increase well-being in an ecological manner. Prima Carbo Solutions specializes in technologies that combine the natural filtering capacity of shungite with the latest in electromagnetics. The shungite we use comes from Karelia, from an area known for its rich shungite deposits. Our range of products go through extensive development and testing protocols to ensure high quality and effectiveness.

Prima Carbo in a nutshell:

  • Finnish company, founded in 2019
  • Offers shungite-based innovations
  • Shungite comes from shungite-rich Karelia
  • A wide range of different products

Our shungite-based solutions: