Prima Carbo Soil

As a soil conditioner shungite helps to preserve moisture in the soil and reduces its acidity. It nourishes plants and contains bactericidal properties while also being 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

A natural choice for a soil conditioner

Did you know that shungite-based dolomite soil conditioner has been proven to be an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers? The potency of shungite as a soil conditioner is based in particular on two factors; it maintains soil moisture while reducing acidity. It also has a lot of trace elements and plant nourishing properties.

Innovative uses

  • Studies have shown that shungite-based dolomite soil conditioner increases yield by 15-40%
  • In dry years the yield has increased by up to 70%
  • Shungite has water-absorbing and bactericidal properties
  • Shungite soil conditioner is a 100% natural product; it does not contain chemicals

Ecological choice

An environmentally friendly option.


Higher yield

Helps especially during dry spells.


Proven to be effective

Backed by years of research.


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