Prima Carbo Aqua

Prima Carbo’s water purifying technology utilizes the cleaning properties of the shungite mineral as well as powerful magnetic fields – it effectively filters bacteria, chemicals and other impurities.

Cleaner water, cleaner environment

The world needs clean water more now than ever. Prima Carbo has developed water purifying technology that utilizes shungite and magnetic fields in a combination that has proven to be very effective. This patented technology can be utilized to purify industrial waste and side streams, desalinate seawater and much more. It’s a cost-effective solution to tackle a major global challenge.

Info package on Prima Carbo Aqua:

  • Shungite mineral is naturally absorbent
  • Purifies bacteria, spreads, chemicals and impurities
  • Environmentally friendly, low energy consumption
  • Solution is scalable to meet larger operational demands
  • Minerals are regenerative and reusable

Proven to be effective

Efficacy has been proven in laboratory studies performed in Finland.


Regenerative and reusable

Reusable minerals create cost-savings.


Low energy consumption

The system can even be connected to solar panels.


Versatile applications

From large public water supply systems to summer cottages.


If you want to know more about this environmentally friendly and reusable way to get clean water, send us a message.

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