Prima Carbo Heating

Our heating elements work with a variety of materials, enabling a wide range of applications. Infrared heat is both energy efficient and pleasant – close to natural sunlight in effect.

Warmth from history

From six hundred million to four billion years – that’s the estimated age range for shungite, non-crystalline mineraloid. Thanks to its excellent electrical conductivity, the shungite-based heating element efficiently produces pleasant infrared heat. It also works with a variety of materials, allowing for a variety of uses.

Info package on Prima Carbo Heating:

  • A shungite-paint mixture, which gets laminated between two plastics
  • Flexible heat output control
  • Heating element can be connected to sun panels
  • Works with a variety of materials (excl. metal and mirrors)
  • Thin, flexible and weather and moisture resistant material


  • Underfloor heating – renovation
  • Low-energy houses – new construction
  • Motorhomes, caravans and boats
  • Health saunas and relaxation areas
  • Non-electric cottages, crisis areas
  • Decoration of lifestyle-home, e.g. infrared heated armchairs, wall panels, designer rugs
  • Asphalt mix for yard areas and pedestrian streets that are to be kept thawed
  • In industrial construction as floor or wall heating elements
  • New types of electrically conductive / heat generating coatings
  • Heating of production facilities, e.g. poultry farms and livestock farms
  • In greenhouses as an extension of the growing season

Save energy

Up to 10-20% lower heating costs.


Pleasant infrared heat

Infrared heat resembles solar radiation.



Steady heat, no fear of overheating.


Good indoor air

Neutralizes odors and does not dry indoor air.


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