Prima Carbo Air

Clean air is important at home and at work. Various impurities, dusts and viruses threaten our wellbeing. Thankfully there is Prima Carbo Air purifier, which utilizes the natural properties of shungite to better the air quality.

Take a deep breath of fresh air

Prima Carbo Air is an air purifier, which activates the properties of shungite mineral crystals. Electrostatics with ionization of particles and electrolysis remove not only dust and harmful toxic gases from the air, but also all types of microbes, viruses and bacteria. Our cutting-edge air purifier can be utilized in industrial compounds, libraries, schools and other spaces where a quality of air has traditionally been an issue.

Info package on Prima Carbo Air:

  • Remarkable energy savings compared to traditional ventilation systems
  • Scalable based on the use case needs and air flow requirements
  • Air purifier can be utilized in industrial compounds
  • Filters dust, aerosols, gases, microbes, viruses and bacteria
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly solution

Proven to work

The purifier’s efficacy has been proven in Finnish lab tests.

Easy to use

The air purifier is simple to use.

Breath better

Good indoor air quality is fundamental to our well-being

Versatile applications

From homes to factories and beyond.


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