Increase your quality of life with shungite

What’s the big deal about shungite? This wonderful mineraloid, named after the Russian village of Shunga, is a carbon-rich rock with unique electrochemical properties. From heating and water purification to beyond, Prima Carbo’s technological applications of shungite can improve your daily life in myriad ways.


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Prima Carbo Heating

Our thin, flexible, water-proof and durable heating elements, based on a patented shungite-paint mixture, save energy and produce pleasant heat similar to solar radiation.

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Prima Carbo Aqua

When leading-edge technology meets naturally absorbent shungite, the environment is grateful. Our water purifying system is perfect for public water supply systems.

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Prima Carbo Soil

Shungite naturally contains nourishing, water-absorbing and bactericidal properties, which make it an environmentally friendly and effective soil conditioner.

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Prima Carbo Air

Our state of the art air purifier can be utilized in industrial compounds, libraries, schools and other spaces where poor air quality has traditionally been an issue.

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Prima Carbo Solutions

Prima Carbo is a Finnish company founded in 2019 that specializes in shungite-based innovations. Our product range includes, among other things, heating elements as well as water and air purifiers.

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